Liste de Nos Chorégraphies

Titre Type Difficulté Rythme Comptesicone de tri Musique(s) recommandée(s) Pots Commun EN FR
6 8 12 4 2 Partner Novice Night Club Two Step 16 You're The Only One PDF
Home With You Partner Novice-intermédiaire Night Club Two Step 16 Home PDF
Up On Love Mixer Novice Cha Cha 32 You Can't Give Up On Love Pot Commun IdF PDF
Our Love Dance Partner Novice Stroll 32 A Love Song PDF
Sweet Pai Partner Novice-intermédiaire ECS 32 Sugar And Pai PDF
Skiff-A-Billy Couple Dance Partner Novice Polka 32 Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance PDF
Two Morrows Never Know Partner Novice Two Step 32 Tomorrow Never Knows PDF
I Wanna Be A Hillbilly Mixer Mixer Novice Two Step 32 I Wanna Be A Hillbilly Pot Commun IdF PDF
Flying Scots Mixer Mixer Novice Polka 32 Voices Of The Highlands Pot Commun IdF PDF
Everybody's Here For Us Partner Novice Triple Two Step 32 Everybody's Here PDF PDF
Tipperary Girls And Boys Mixer Intermédiaire Polka 32 Tipperary Girl PDF
Bubble Gum Mixer Débutant Inconnu 32 Bubblegum Cowboy Pot Commun IdF PDF
Floatin' On Air Partner Débutant ECS 32 Why Don't We Just Dance PDF
Biloxi Romance Partner Débutant-novice Cha Cha 32 Two Bottles Of Beer PDF
Beer Goggling Together Partner Intermédiaire WCS 32 Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On PDF
Pebble Soup Mixer Novice Polka 32 Better Times A Comin' Pot Commun IdF PDF
Cool Down To The River Line Débutant-novice WCS 32 Going Down To The River PDF PDF
Somewhere Else With You Partner Intermédiaire Two Step 40 Somewhere Else PDF
Two Rebel Hearts Partner Intermédiaire Night Club Two Step 48 Rebel Heart PDF
Vaya Por Dos Partner Intermédiaire Waltz 48 Vaya Con Dios PDF
Lilly's Farandole Mixer Novice Polka 66 HillyBilly Country Lilly PDF
This One's OK Line Avancé Polka 96 It"s Not OK PDF